Ser, paisagemSer, paisagemSer, paisagemBeing, landscape

Being, landscape

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Canvi de plansCambio de planesMudança de planosChange of plans

Change of plans

After a year and a half enjoying exhibitions and meetings with those who love art, PARADIGMAS decided to close the doors of its space on the Francisco Giner street to dedicate to other fronts. Thank you very much to all who supported the project and enjoyed it with us!  ...
Regina de PaulaRegina de PaulaRegina de PaulaRegina de Paula

Regina de Paula

Curitiba, 1957. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Masters in Art from Columbia University y Doctor in Visual Arts from the EBA / UFRJ. De Paula is an assistant teacher at the Institute of the Arts / UERJ. She has recieved awards such as Visual Arts of Brasilia, VI...
Karina DiasKarina DiasKarina DiasKarina Dias

Karina Dias

Brasilia,1970. Brazil. Dias works with video and urban intervention, staging exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. She is a teacher at the Guignard School/ Minas Gerais State University– UEMG. Postdoctoral in Contemporary Poetry from la Universidad of Brasilia, PhD in Arts and Master in Plastic and Applied Arts, both from Paris...
Gê Orthof

Gê Orthof

  Petrópolis, Río de Janeiro 1959, Brazil. Lives in Brasilia. Professor at the Departament of Visual Arts and the Postgraduate Arts Program of the Institute of Arts at the University of Brasilia, where he leads a research group in Comntemporary Poetics of the Inner House. Postdoctoral in Installation and Performance...
Chico AmaralChico AmaralChico AmaralChico Amaral

Chico Amaral

Belo Horizonte, 1963. Lives and works in Barcelona. Graduated in Painting from the University of Brasilia in 1995, but immediately swapped the canvas for installations and artefacts. Since 1990 he has participated in exhibitions and displays in different cities in Brazil, among which the following are particularly notable: II MAM...
Daniel BurigoDaniel BurigoDaniel BurigoDaniel Burigo

Daniel Burigo

Brasilia, 1968. Brasil. Degree in Painting from the University of Brasilia. Burigo lives and works in Barazil after having lived in London for 11 years. He works with drawing and painting in an automatic and spontaeneous style, which is maintained from the initial selection of theme through to its actual execution. In his creation process,...
Elida Tessler

Elida Tessler

Porto Alegre, Brasil. Elida Tessler is a teacher of the Department of Visual Arts and the Visual Arts Postgraduate Program at the Institute of Arts at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS. PhD in History of Contemporary Art at Paris I University– Pantheon-Sorbonne (France), where she lived from 1988 to 1993....
Leopoldo WolfLeopoldo WolfLeopoldo WolfLeopoldo Wolf

Leopoldo Wolf

Leopoldo Wolf graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from Brasilia University, further continued with post-graduate studies in Applied Illustration at the IDEP and a Master degree in Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Thought at the Pompeu Fabra University. In Brasilia, Leopoldo Wolf collaborated in different collective works on ephemeral art such as 0.17...
Liberto FilloLiberto FilloLiberto FilloLiberto Fillo

Liberto Fillo

Panama 1984. In the Latin University of Panamá, Fillo studied Emphasized Advertising on Video Production and in the Idep Imagine Institute de Barcelona, he studied video edition, photography, digital photography and publicity photography. He collaborates with specialised magazines and has exhibited his work in Barcelona and in Panama.
Democracia urbanaDemocracia urbanaDemocracia urbanaDemocracia urbana

Democracia urbana

The Urban Democracy group (ex The Martinez) presents for the first time Connection, its new video in a special session in PARADIGMS on September 13th at 8pm. In the same session will be presented a serie of videos documenting the another Urban Democracy’s actions that were developed in recent years in different cities. More information...
Roger CollRoger CollRoger CollRoger Coll

Roger Coll

Badalona, 1979. Lives and works in Badalona. Roger studied Technical Architecture at the University ETSA La Salle Barcelona, Sculpture at EASD Llotja Barcelona and Ceramic at Form School Barcelona. Resident workshop at BDN from February to June 2010. In 2009 he obtained a scholarship in sculpture from the government of Catalonia to work as Jiri...
Per arribar allàPara llegar alláPara chegar láTo Get There

To Get There

The Brazilian Kátia Fiera presents next Wednesday, February 29, his new book at PARADIGMAS GALLERY To Get There, published by Kitschic Ediciones. The book that once is opened reaches at 333 cm on which Kátia drew a fence that it is the thread itself of the narrative course. Flipping through the pages is like walking...
Presentació del llibre "Las casas de la vida"Presentación del libro "Las casas de la vida"Lançamento do livro "Las casas de la vida"Presentation of the book "Las casas de la vida"

Presentation of the book “Las casas de la vida”

  Os invitamos a la presentación-lectura del libro de Daniel Cid y Teresa-M. Sala ”Las casas de la vida” de la editorial Ariel en la Galería Paradigmas, calle Francisco Giner, 45 a las 19.30h del día 13 de marzo. Cada cuarto de hora los autores irán leyendo fragmentos de la antología de textos.   Artículo en ElPaí : aquí Artículo en O Globo: aquí
Casualment fotoCasualmente fotografíaCasualmente fotografiaPhotography by chance

Photography by chance

Two artists from as far away as Georgia and Brazil meet in the same space in Barcelona. Despite this distance, Ilana Lichtenstein (São Paulo, 1986) and Levan Tsulukidze (Georgia, 1975) have a similar conception of art. If in their art we observe constant changes of protagonism between landscape and character, in their way of work...
De la importància de les coses mínimesDe la importancia de las cosas mínimasDa importância das coisas mínimasThe importance of the finer details

The importance of the finer details

With the gigantism of her participation in PARADIGMS, the Italian Anna Parini speaks of the importance of the finer details in line with the work of Brazilian Leopoldo Wolf who takes up the whole room with his miniature drawings displayed on tables as a collector’s cabinet. Leopoldo Wolf and Anna Parini “You can draw an...
Insulares 1959Insulares 1959Insulares 1959Insulares 1959

Insulares 1959

The first meeting: between miniatures and trinkets. “ISLANDS 1959”. PARADIGMAS opened its doors on 24th of May with a paring of Gê Orthof and Teresa-M. Sala. Gê is a Brazilian artist born in Petrópolis (the old city where the Brazilian Imperial family would spend their summer vacations) who lives and works in Brasilia where he...
PANORAMICA presenta DubscopePANORAMICA presenta DubscopePANORAMICA apresenta DubscopePANORAMICA presents Dubscope

PANORAMICA presents Dubscope

Thunder, lightning, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes. Natural phenomena as an audiovisual show, combinations of light and sound frequencies, of which we can only apprehend a limited scope. Sub-sounds and microscopic images amplify the inaudible and invisible that escape our senses. Sublows, vibrations, wobbles. Music characteristics that take us closer to the deepest sounds of nature, drawn...

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