FLOWERS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE, drawing, 26 x 36,5 cm

Brasilia, 1968. Brasil.
Degree in Painting from the University of Brasilia. Burigo lives and works in Barazil after having lived in London for 11 years. He works with drawing and painting in an automatic and spontaeneous style, which is maintained from the initial selection of theme through to its actual execution. In his creation process, he takes everyday observations as a starting point or purely aesthetic choices and works  allowing the lines and forms to follow unplanned paths with suggested reading from incomplete and fragmented images. For example, the series of Jacob and His Sons, came from revisiting the paintings of Francisco de Zurbarán, found in an auction catalogue completely by chance.

Indian ink on paper

ASHER (193 x 75 cm), BENJAMIN (193 x 75 cm), DAN (193 x 75 cm), drawing

PIECES (26 x 36,5 cm), drawing

PORTRAIT (36.5 x 26 cm), drawing

NIGHT GARDEN, acryllic on canvas

UNTITLED, acryllic on canvas

JUJUBA, acryllic on canvas

SOCKS, acryllic on canvas