The first meeting: between miniatures and trinkets.

“ISLANDS 1959”.

PARADIGMAS opened its doors on 24th of May with a paring of Gê Orthof and Teresa-M. Sala. Gê is a Brazilian artist born in Petrópolis (the old city where the Brazilian Imperial family would spend their summer vacations) who lives and works in Brasilia where he coordinates the poetic study group Intimate Art House at the University of Brasilia.

In PARADIGMAS, Gê presents his universe of miniature worlds with an intricate installation that catches the visitor in small narratives that unfold throughout the hall. They are small scenes or locations constructed with trinkets and materials a priori inappropriate that according to the artist are of this nature to disturb the modern understanding of what is “beautiful” or “correct”. In his “aesthetic war”, the use of these materials is a “tactic to cause the ‘degrading’ of the objects”.  Between the reduced scale and the trinkets, keys are found for reading Gê’s own gramatical style, seen through his poetic art.

Teresa, Head Lecturer of History of Modern and Contemporary Art at the University of Barcelona, whose main fields of research revolve around cultural studies, especially private life architecture between the 19th and 20th centuries, happily takes on board the PARADIGMAS proposal and is willing to be the first to experience the adventure of a remote discovery. She presents herself to this unknown artist, making an impression with her poetics that was unknown to him, to discover coincidences which begin with both artists’ year of birth: 1959. Interests and many points of reference are shared by both, an alliance that PARADIGMAS hopes will open the door to unfold through new findings for as many other people.

EXHIBITION: 24th May – 5th July, Tuesday-Friday 15:00-20:30. Saturday 12-15:00.