Luis Plana del LlanoLuis Plana del LlanoLuis Plana del LlanoLuis Plana del Llano

Luis Plana del Llano

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Cláudio VersianiCláudio VersianiCláudio VersianiCláudio Versiani

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Vanessa Donoso LópezVanessa Donoso LópezVanessa Donoso LópezVanessa Donoso López

Vanessa Donoso López

Vanessa Donoso López, Barcelona, 1978. Lives and works in Dublin. She studied at the School of Arts and Design Llotja, Barcelona, the University of Barcelona, and  the Winchester College of Art, UK. Since graduating in 2004, Donoso López has been active on the national and international art scene. Recent solo shows include ‘Grande, feliz e...
Regina de PaulaRegina de PaulaRegina de PaulaRegina de Paula

Regina de Paula

Curitiba, 1957. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Masters in Art from Columbia University y Doctor in Visual Arts from the EBA / UFRJ. De Paula is an assistant teacher at the Institute of the Arts / UERJ. She has recieved awards such as Visual Arts of Brasilia, VI Bahia Exhibition and the RioArte...
Cristina Salgado

Cristina Salgado

Rio de Janeiro, 1957. Brasil. Doctor in Visual Arts from the EBA/UFRJ. Assistant teacher at the Institute of The Arts/UERJ and in the Department of Art and Design/PUC-RJ. Salgado was resident artist at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England and she participated in the RioArte Scholarship Program. She has receieved different awards, among them the CEMIG...
Encarna RomeroEncarna RomeroEncarna RomeroEncarna Romero

Encarna Romero

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Angélica PadovaniAngélica PadovaniAngélica PadovaniAngélica Padovani

Angélica Padovani

Brasilia,1968. She took part in the artistic panorama of his hometown from 1990 to 1995, when she used to sign her works as Angelica Franca. In 1991, with a work entitled “What is worth more, three half lives or two medium lives?” She received an acquisition award from the Brasilia Museum of Art. In 1993,...
Levan Tsulukidze Levan Tsulukidze Levan Tsulukidze Levan Tsulukidze

Levan Tsulukidze

Georgia, 1975. He has lived in Barcelona for 12 years. Degree in European Studies from the University of Leeds. Video editing and graphic design studies at the Spanish Association of Multimedia. Director of several short films: Metrónomo, 08:00, Play and Win, Double Keys and Pinza, that was nominated best experimental video at the 15/15 Film...
Nelson Maravalhas JuniorNelson Maravalhas JuniorNelson Maravalhas JuniorNelson Maravalhas Junior

Nelson Maravalhas Junior

Professor at the University of Brasília UNB since 1987. PhD in Theory and Art History at the University of Kent at Canterbury (England) and MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA). Held over 13 solo exhibitions in different institutions and galleries, among them the following are particularly notable: Superior Street Gallery...
Ilana LichtensteinIlana LichtensteinIlana LichtensteinIlana Lichtenstein

Ilana Lichtenstein

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Elder RochaElder RochaElder RochaElder Rocha

Elder Rocha

Goiânia, 1961. Has lived and worked in Brasília since 1972. Degree in Plastic Arts from the University of Brasília (1979/1985). Master in Art at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (1990/1991), with a scholarship from the British Council. Professor of the Departament of Visual Arts at the University of Brasilia since 1993. Award...
Ralph GehreRalph GehreRalph GehreRalph Gehre

Ralph Gehre

Mato Grosso do Sul, 1952. Brazil. Gehre moved to Brasilia aged 10 and has lived and worked there ever since. He began his career as a plastic artist in 1980 with his own exhibition at the Gallery B, now known as Cultural Space 508 of the Cultural Foundation of the Federal District. He studied Drawing,...

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