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Angélica PadovaniAngélica PadovaniAngélica PadovaniAngélica Padovani

Angélica Padovani

Brasilia,1968. She took part in the artistic panorama of his hometown from 1990 to 1995, when she used to sign her works as Angelica Franca. In 1991, with a work entitled “What is worth more, three half lives or two medium lives?” She received an acquisition award from the Brasilia Museum of Art. In 1993,...
Elder RochaElder RochaElder RochaElder Rocha

Elder Rocha

Goiânia, 1961. Has lived and worked in Brasília since 1972. Degree in Plastic Arts from the University of Brasília (1979/1985). Master in Art at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (1990/1991), with a scholarship from the British Council. Professor of the Departament of Visual Arts at the University of Brasilia since 1993. Award...
Ralph GehreRalph GehreRalph GehreRalph Gehre

Ralph Gehre

Mato Grosso do Sul, 1952. Brazil. Gehre moved to Brasilia aged 10 and has lived and worked there ever since. He began his career as a plastic artist in 1980 with his own exhibition at the Gallery B, now known as Cultural Space 508 of the Cultural Foundation of the Federal District. He studied Drawing,...
Daniel BurigoDaniel BurigoDaniel BurigoDaniel Burigo

Daniel Burigo

Brasilia, 1968. Brasil. Degree in Painting from the University of Brasilia. Burigo lives and works in Barazil after having lived in London for 11 years. He works with drawing and painting in an automatic and spontaeneous style, which is maintained from the initial selection of theme through to its actual execution. In his creation process,...
Leopoldo WolfLeopoldo WolfLeopoldo WolfLeopoldo Wolf

Leopoldo Wolf

Leopoldo Wolf graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from Brasilia University, further continued with post-graduate studies in Applied Illustration at the IDEP and a Master degree in Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Thought at the Pompeu Fabra University. In Brasilia, Leopoldo Wolf collaborated in different collective works on ephemeral art such as 0.17...
De la importància de les coses mínimesDe la importancia de las cosas mínimasDa importância das coisas mínimasThe importance of the finer details

The importance of the finer details

With the gigantism of her participation in PARADIGMS, the Italian Anna Parini speaks of the importance of the finer details in line with the work of Brazilian Leopoldo Wolf who takes up the whole room with his miniature drawings displayed on tables as a collector’s cabinet. Leopoldo Wolf and Anna Parini “You can draw an...
Entre tres artistesEntre tres artistasEntre três artistasBetween three artists

Between three artists

Between three artists You do not see anything but a void when seeking a common point among the works of Brazilian Cristina Salgado and Regina de Paula, who live in Rio de Janeiro, and the Catalan Encarna Romero. Despite the long friendship between the first two, in their work they use very different languages ​​and...
Converses: Leopoldo WolfConversaciones: Leopoldo WolfConversas: Leopoldo Wolf

(CAST) Conversaciones: Leopoldo Wolf

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