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PANORAMICA presenta DubscopePANORAMICA presenta DubscopePANORAMICA apresenta DubscopePANORAMICA presents Dubscope

PANORAMICA presents Dubscope

Thunder, lightning, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes. Natural phenomena as an audiovisual show, combinations of light and sound frequencies, of which we can only apprehend a limited scope. Sub-sounds and microscopic images amplify the inaudible and invisible that escape our senses. Sublows, vibrations, wobbles. Music characteristics that take us closer to the deepest sounds of nature, drawn...
Entre tres artistesEntre tres artistasEntre três artistasBetween three artists

Between three artists

Between three artists You do not see anything but a void when seeking a common point among the works of Brazilian Cristina Salgado and Regina de Paula, who live in Rio de Janeiro, and the Catalan Encarna Romero. Despite the long friendship between the first two, in their work they use very different languages ​​and...
Entre dos paisatgesEntre dos paisajesEntre duas paisagensBetween two landscapes

Between two landscapes

What can be in common between two cities so different as the modern and utopian Brasília and the historical Barcelona? Between the first, where one can only move by car and the second, where walking is the best way to get from one point to another, one would be tempted to  say nothing. However, putting...

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