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Levan Tsulukidze Levan Tsulukidze Levan Tsulukidze Levan Tsulukidze

Levan Tsulukidze

Georgia, 1975. He has lived in Barcelona for 12 years. Degree in European Studies from the University of Leeds. Video editing and graphic design studies at the Spanish Association of Multimedia. Director of several short films: Metrónomo, 08:00, Play and Win, Double Keys and Pinza, that was nominated best experimental video at the 15/15 Film...
Ilana LichtensteinIlana LichtensteinIlana LichtensteinIlana Lichtenstein

Ilana Lichtenstein

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Casualment fotoCasualmente fotografíaCasualmente fotografiaPhotography by chance

Photography by chance

Two artists from as far away as Georgia and Brazil meet in the same space in Barcelona. Despite this distance, Ilana Lichtenstein (São Paulo, 1986) and Levan Tsulukidze (Georgia, 1975) have a similar conception of art. If in their art we observe constant changes of protagonism between landscape and character, in their way of work...
Entre dos paisatgesEntre dos paisajesEntre duas paisagensBetween two landscapes

Between two landscapes

What can be in common between two cities so different as the modern and utopian Brasília and the historical Barcelona? Between the first, where one can only move by car and the second, where walking is the best way to get from one point to another, one would be tempted to  say nothing. However, putting...

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