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Leopoldo Wolf

Leopoldo Wolf graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from Brasilia University, further continued with post-graduate studies in Applied Illustration at the IDEP and a Master degree in Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Thought at the Pompeu Fabra University. In Brasilia, Leopoldo Wolf collaborated in different collective works on ephemeral art such as 0.17...
De la importància de les coses mínimesDe la importancia de las cosas mínimasDa importância das coisas mínimasThe importance of the finer details

The importance of the finer details

With the gigantism of her participation in PARADIGMS, the Italian Anna Parini speaks of the importance of the finer details in line with the work of Brazilian Leopoldo Wolf who takes up the whole room with his miniature drawings displayed on tables as a collector’s cabinet. Leopoldo Wolf and Anna Parini “You can draw an...
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