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Ser, paisagemSer, paisagemSer, paisagemBeing, landscape

Being, landscape

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Vanessa Donoso LópezVanessa Donoso LópezVanessa Donoso LópezVanessa Donoso López

Vanessa Donoso López

Vanessa Donoso López, Barcelona, 1978. Lives and works in Dublin. She studied at the School of Arts and Design Llotja, Barcelona, the University of Barcelona, and  the Winchester College of Art, UK. Since graduating in 2004, Donoso López has been active on the national and international art scene. Recent solo shows include ‘Grande, feliz e...
Regina de PaulaRegina de PaulaRegina de PaulaRegina de Paula

Regina de Paula

Curitiba, 1957. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Masters in Art from Columbia University y Doctor in Visual Arts from the EBA / UFRJ. De Paula is an assistant teacher at the Institute of the Arts / UERJ. She has recieved awards such as Visual Arts of Brasilia, VI Bahia Exhibition and the RioArte...
Chico AmaralChico AmaralChico AmaralChico Amaral

Chico Amaral

Belo Horizonte, 1963. Lives and works in Barcelona. Graduated in Painting from the University of Brasilia in 1995, but immediately swapped the canvas for installations and artefacts. Since 1990 he has participated in exhibitions and displays in different cities in Brazil, among which the following are particularly notable: II MAM Bahia Exhibition (1995), Itaú Gallery...
Insulares 1959Insulares 1959Insulares 1959Insulares 1959

Insulares 1959

The first meeting: between miniatures and trinkets. “ISLANDS 1959”. PARADIGMAS opened its doors on 24th of May with a paring of Gê Orthof and Teresa-M. Sala. Gê is a Brazilian artist born in Petrópolis (the old city where the Brazilian Imperial family would spend their summer vacations) who lives and works in Brasilia where he...
PANORAMICA presenta DubscopePANORAMICA presenta DubscopePANORAMICA apresenta DubscopePANORAMICA presents Dubscope

PANORAMICA presents Dubscope

Thunder, lightning, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes. Natural phenomena as an audiovisual show, combinations of light and sound frequencies, of which we can only apprehend a limited scope. Sub-sounds and microscopic images amplify the inaudible and invisible that escape our senses. Sublows, vibrations, wobbles. Music characteristics that take us closer to the deepest sounds of nature, drawn...
Entre tres artistesEntre tres artistasEntre três artistasBetween three artists

Between three artists

Between three artists You do not see anything but a void when seeking a common point among the works of Brazilian Cristina Salgado and Regina de Paula, who live in Rio de Janeiro, and the Catalan Encarna Romero. Despite the long friendship between the first two, in their work they use very different languages ​​and...
Converses: Leopoldo WolfConversaciones: Leopoldo WolfConversas: Leopoldo Wolf

(CAST) Conversaciones: Leopoldo Wolf

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Converses: Insulares 1959Conversaciones: Insulares 1959Conversas: Insulares 1959

(CAST) Conversaciones: Insulares 1959

CONVERSES A PARADIGMES és un enregistrament en vídeo de trobades amb artistes i comissaris que desenvolupen projectes a PARADIGMES. La primera entrega són els testimonis de Gê Orthof i Teresa-M. Sala. Una producció de Rodrigo Roal.CONVERSACIONES EN PARADIGMAS es un registro en vídeo de encuentros con artistas y comisarios que desarrollaron proyectos en PARADIGMAS. La...

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