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Ser, paisagemSer, paisagemSer, paisagemBeing, landscape

Being, landscape

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Gê Orthof

Gê Orthof

  Petrópolis, Río de Janeiro 1959, Brazil. Lives in Brasilia. Professor at the Departament of Visual Arts and the Postgraduate Arts Program of the Institute of Arts at the University of Brasilia, where he leads a research group in Comntemporary Poetics of the Inner House. Postdoctoral in Installation and Performance at the School of the...
Insulares 1959Insulares 1959Insulares 1959Insulares 1959

Insulares 1959

The first meeting: between miniatures and trinkets. “ISLANDS 1959”. PARADIGMAS opened its doors on 24th of May with a paring of Gê Orthof and Teresa-M. Sala. Gê is a Brazilian artist born in Petrópolis (the old city where the Brazilian Imperial family would spend their summer vacations) who lives and works in Brasilia where he...
Converses: Insulares 1959Conversaciones: Insulares 1959Conversas: Insulares 1959

(CAST) Conversaciones: Insulares 1959

CONVERSES A PARADIGMES és un enregistrament en vídeo de trobades amb artistes i comissaris que desenvolupen projectes a PARADIGMES. La primera entrega són els testimonis de Gê Orthof i Teresa-M. Sala. Una producció de Rodrigo Roal.CONVERSACIONES EN PARADIGMAS es un registro en vídeo de encuentros con artistas y comisarios que desarrollaron proyectos en PARADIGMAS. La...

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